Monday, 10 August 2009


A few months ago I received an email from Bart (Ham connection) enquiring whether I'd like to do a 12 hr event with him. I replied "sure!". Well, it happened last weekend. Team Mud Puppy comprised 3 engineers (Bart, Dave and Hamish - Bart and Dave with Resmed connections) and me, an engineer of sorts (genetic). The course, just west of the Nepean, at Yellomundee, was not one I'd ridden before, but comprised a 9.5 km loop of 2 halves - technical first half, and flowing 2nd. Actually a great course to race on - the technical stuff wasn't too horrendous (on one lap I accidently found myself dropping through the worse possible line on the gnarliest descent and lived), and most of the flowing stuff had beautifully bermed corners, although there were still a few punters evacuated by ambulance. As a quartet we weren't too lofty of ambition, and were basically there to roll some laps and soak up the atmosphere on what was a simply perfect Sydney winters day - after a chilly start maxing out at 19 C with not a breath of wind nor cloud in the sky. As a team we finished well down on the leaders - in part as our team of 4 was reduced to 3 courtesy of Hamish taking a spill, then a few km later having his rear derailleur hanger snap and eat itself, the result being a bit of a trudge back to transition. At least that's the excuse i'm running with. The only blood spilt was courtesy of Bart, who managed to walk into a tree. On a personal note, no crashes or spills to speak of but not sure that I've got my lower back quite sorted yet, which is a bit concerning given the Scott24 on the horizon. More fine tuning required. Best fun and split for me was late in the day when I started in twilight and finished in the pitch under those awesome AYUP lights. BTW, more 29ers on the track today, and not just single speed, but plenty of geared monster trucks as well - the way of the future.

nice scar, Bartman

Bart and Hamish in the pits

Dave P ready to roll

Riders coming into transition

CANYON minus derailleur

The Stumpy did the valleys agoin on Sunday

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