Monday, 11 June 2012

LCNP Busaco Track birdlist

It seems my backyard is destined for termination at the hands of the authorities in the name of a control burn, which i'm opposed to on several levels.  Having made a few calls it seems there is little i can do to stop the tide. The 0.6 km track between my house and the Browns Waterhole track is my local patch, dominated in the middle with a lovely section of sandstone heath, bookended by angophora-peppered taller forest, and fringed at the river and suburbia by weed infested junk that i wouldn't mind seeing gone, although this stuff tends not to burn so well. In the event that my house, field guides and notes etc go up in smoke, along with the above-mentioned habitat, here below, for all posterity, is my list of species i've observed in this bush and directly adjacent suburbia since i started taking note about 5 years ago (72 species in toto). T'will be interesting to see which species come back, and how long it takes. In no particular order;

Australian Raven - common
Australian Magpie - common on open fringes
Pied Currawong - common
Grey Butcherbird - common on suburban fringes
Magpie Lark - common on suburban fringes
Masked Lapwing - common on suburban fringes
Dollarbird - common summer vistor
Black faced cuckoo-shrike - common
Olive-backed oriole - common

Channel-billed Cuckoo - common summer visitor
Common Koel - common summer visitor
Fan-tailed Cuckoo - common
Shining-bronze cuckoo - 1 record only, 2011

Laughing Kookaburra - common
Sacred Kingfisher - common summer resident
Azure Kingfisher - only 1 sighting, but further down river

Sulfur crested cockatoo - common
Yellow tailed black cockatoo - increasingly common overhead flocks
Short billed corella - common
Long billed corella - relatively new arrival
Gang Gang cockatoo - rare. Recently restricted to Browns Waterhole
Galah - common
King Parrot - common
Crimson Rosella - common
Rainbow Lorikeet - common
Musk Lorikeet - seasonally common on flowering gums
Eastern Rosella - common on ovals

Noisy Miner - common suburban fringe
Red wattlebird - common suburban fringe
Little wattlebird - common
Lewins honeyeater - common
Yellow faced honester - common
Eastern spinebill - common
New holland honeyeater - common
White-cheeked honeyeater - common
Scarlet honeyeater - common summer resident
White naped honeyeater - first and only record 2012
Bell miner - recent arrival, Browns Waterhole environs.

Striated Pardalote - infrequent, not observed for sev years
Spotted Pardalote - common
White-throated treecreeper - common
Brown thornbill - common
Striated thornbill - common
Brown Gerygone - common
Red-browed finch - common
Golden Whistler - common
White-browed scrub-wren - common
Superb blue fairy-wren - common
Variegated fairy-wren - common
Grey fantail - common
Rufous fantail - common summer resident
Willie wagtail - common residential fringe
Leaden flycatcher - common summer resident
Mistletoe bird - first and only record 2012
Eastern Yellow robin - common
Silvereye - common
Black faced monarch - common summer resident
Eastern Whipbird - common
Crested Bulbul - common
Welcome swallow - common

Purple Swamphen - browns waterhole
Dusky moorhen - LCNP weir
Pacific black duck - common river
Wood duck - common downstream
Brush turkey - common in recent years
White Ibis - suburban surrounds

Brown Goshawk - most common daylight raptor
Grey Goshawk - a few sightings only - Browns waterhole area
Pacific Baza - intermittent records - a few in 2012
Powerful owl - most common owl
Boobook owl - infrequently heard
Tawny Frogmouth - infrequently sighted/heard