Monday, 10 December 2012

New Lodger

...and a new tick to boot for my local list, although i'm not sure that one bird really qualifies as a wild population.

Over the last few mornings I swore I was hearing a rooster strutting his stuff.  Sure enough nature's alarm clock, in the form of a very handsome Rhode Island Red, made himself known on the weekend. 

Wasn't sure whether to adopt him or eat him.  Just kidding.  The brush turkeys would be far better roasting.  In any case, having lost a best-of-three at tic-tac-toe I'll fulfill my side of the bargain with a custom build (due to steric issues the Mavic-Budgie was never going to cut it).  He has a name too, although Anita has forbidden me from making it known.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Tawny Froggies

 Frogmouths roosting in the jacaranda just below my patio.   The parent and one of the chicks then assume "the position" in response to some kids trundling along below them.

 In contrast to trying to blend in, the local brush turkey (he with the bad tail) is doing his best to drive the more conservative set in my block crazy with enthusiastic and persistent mound building by the letter box.  

 And lastly, split my hive of native bees for the second time.  Half now have new digs in Coogee.

 Honey pots on the RHS