Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Newcastle Overnight

(with apologies to Don Mclean)

Not so starry night
Assembled on the round hill lawn
Lights, reflectors, smiles all worn
Countdown to the start.

Filing over bridge.
Through the city lights and sounds.
Successfully avoiding cars,
And d*ck-heads on the prowl

Pressing to the north
Brief rainstorm to rattle nerves
Headwind bringing darkness forth
And questioning resolve

Capes on then off, calling bluff of stormy clouds
Will we get soaked now?

Windy windy night
Turns up at the front we take
Climbing up Mt White to cake
Tea and lammingtons.

Time to roll along
Sliding down a blackened tube
Chatting up the second climb
Central Coast to come

Descending to the north
Senses piqued for revelry
Not tonight, so silently
We slip though empty streets

Capes still off, but nervous of suspicious skies
Surely no rain now?

Mild and cloudy night
Budgewoi for cakes and possums
Watermelon, snakes and lollies
Prepare for final push

Not so fast our troupe
A wheel locks up with broken-spoke
Side-of-road repairs and jokes
Not counting chickens yet

Lightness in the sky
Bird song lets us know its true
Fernleigh Track and tunnel too
Destination soon.

The baths atop the sea
Swim and coffee, chill then warm
Adventure is its own reward
Tiredness brought forth

Newcastle overnight.  Iron horse will take us home
Rain away if you like.  Dreamers all aboard