Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Sticks and Marbles

Above: another one or two for the insulator/splinter collection.
Below: the fantastic Bald Rock, near Tenterfield.

and above, Frog Buttress, Mt French

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Satans Smokestack

One of the Frog Buttress classics; "Satan's Smokestack" (16). A 30 meter 4-sided chimney with a very desperate squeeze entry. Karel would love it!

Anita emerging from said chimney.

Self portrait of me firmly wedged into the base of the overhanging bottomless chimney that guards the exit moves to "Smoked Banana" (17), another Froggy classic.
Exit moves on Smoked Banana (above)

Starting to love those Froggy cracks!
Tape gloves essential though.
Last climb of the trip, my first Frog Grade 20, "Termination". Considerably easier than some of the 17s and 18s I've done there as it is one of the few wall routes and doesn't require use of the J word.