Monday, 28 April 2014

About Thereabouts

Evidence my sideburns are getting overly proud of themselves includes them dragging the rest of me to tipple beer and hors d’oeuvres at one of the bastions of hipster hairiness, the Rapha store in Sydney.  The event; a film launch, no less, about the brothers Morton (reasonable cyclists, I’m told) and their off-season (one being seasoned enough to require one) bicycle jaunt from home digs at Port Macquarie, across the vast interior to that red lump of papier mache in the middle of the continent.  [Disclosure.  This has little to do with bad sideburns. I know the driver of the support vehicle, hence the invite]. 

Wasn’t really sure what to expect (my “old” old phone was in meltdown when the invitation was offered) but found the film really refreshing and inspiring, given that the fellas crunched across huge chunks of that corrugation and dust magnet known as the Oodnadatta track….on road bikes….in the heat of December just past.  Well worth a look if you are into that sort of thing, or even if you just enjoy the fact that other people are into that sort of thing.  I believe there are several lengths of “Thereabouts” floating about cyberspace.  We were shown a 30 min version, which was terrific.  Lord Christopher K, similarly inspired despite not even catching the event, is already mustering expressions of interest for a re-enactment, but from Sydney.  Any takers?

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