Monday, 9 November 2009


I just recieved a couple of emails officially confirming that I have (unwittingly) qualified for the 24 hr solo championships OF THE WORLD (spoken Jeremy Clarkson style) to be held at Mt Stromlo in Oct 2010. This eventuates if you cover at least 75% the distance of the winner at one of various qualification races, the Scott being first for the 2010 worlds. Crikey! Can hardly decline participating given it's effectively in my own back yard (first time in Oz), even if i'm only making up the numbers. Ben alerted me to another qualification race in Feb about which i have politely declined interest. His reply;

"For the record, you've gone from 'shoot me if I ever decide to do one of these solo' to 'I've only got one of these in me a year'......."

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