Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Have just arrived in the USA, and realised that I am without a list of email addresses (hand written, of course) that I would ordinarily carry.  And seeing as I'm now doing things remotely (via gmail account in this case) i don't have access to my old address (hidden on my PC in Eudora).  So, if you are perhaps expecting a message from me, or would like to say hi, please email me via either my standard uni address (, or my gmail address ( and I'll get back to you!

As for the flight - brutal as always.  Got home the night before at 3 am - an improvement on the last time i departed for an experiment (all nighter).  That said, the last 3 weeks has been the most intense build-up i've ever put myself through for an experiment.  But i'm cautiously optimistic that it will be worth it.  The samples looked excellent in Sydney, so i'll be disappointed if we aren't able to collect good data.  Anyway, spent the morning packing - running a little late as usual in such circumstances, ready to go, went downstairs to get the car only to be greeted by an empty garage.  My brain was so scrambled when i left work the night before that I simply directed the Cabbie to Bezerko Rd, rather than Denistone station, where I usually leave it.  So, took another cab to my car, drove back to home for my bags, then to my folks place, said goodbye to dad and finches, train to Uni, did the final pack of the experiment box, and immediately into another cab for the airport.  The plane then sat on the tarmac for an hour awaiting a connecting flight from Melbourne, which resulted in me missing my connection in LA (no thanks to the usual mega cue at US customs (45 min!)), then onwards to Washington DC, car hire - dodgy Garmin directions (better to use langles instinct next time), a 7/11 for dinner (chips and salsa) and bed by midnight (just).  As you might have gathered I didn't sleep much (hence this report), but i must soon away for a day of training at the reactor.....ZZzzzzzzz.


  1. Hello David,

    Sounds like you had another eventful departure. Not sure where the pineapple reference comes form but I assume it's Greg.

    Catch ya soon

  2. Not this time - although in hindsight quite a coincidence. And thanks for the SMH article, BTW! My brain was frazzled when i posted (on the plane i dream't intermittently of all possible ways the expt could screw up) and on the LA to DC leg caught the episode of this oddball comedy I hadn't seen before (CHUCK) which in some way reflected my mental response to it all going to hell;
    Looks like fun actually, there is a best of here;

  3. Dave, sorry to hear about your Garmin issues. You should know all Sat Nav's are not created equal. A TomTom would not have let you down. Hope you are having a good trip over in the US navigation errors aside. Never trust a Garmin!