Tuesday, 4 November 2008

In todays SMH, Letters section

"Give pedal power more room

The results are in for efforts in support of the Gong bike ride ("MS chain gang chills after a day of thrills, hills and spills", November 3): CityRail - highly commended; NSW Police - highly commended; Roads and Traffic Authority - very disappointing. The staff were great but they were let down by the idiots who decided more than 11,000 cyclists could be safely confined to one lane of the Princes Highway, the breakdown lane on the Sutherland bypass and one side of a two-metre-wide cycleway in Wollongong.

A two-hour road closure would have allowed plenty of room for cyclists to sort themselves out safely and would have saved the ambulances a lot of work. The RTA seems able to close roads for the marathon and half marathon - why not for the biggest cycling event on the NSW calendar?"

[I suppose that is what I was trying to say - DBL]

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