Saturday, 2 June 2007

Cycletour avec backpack checklist

I jotted down this list immediately after returning from the 2006 Pyrenee trip, while such details were still relatively fresh in my mind. The list was written from the angle of what would be a good kit for a 2-week backpack trip, in contrast to the Lourdes trip where I really had too much junk.

Backpack; Mountain Designs Jetstream 35
Good simple pack although the side pockets (zipped) are not much use (too small). If you can find a similar one with larger elastic mesh pockets that would be an advantage. I would steer clear of double compartment packs - too much extra materials/weight. This time I'm considering leaving the bladder behind.

Riding stuff
1 helmet
2 knicks
2 jerseys (both short sleeve)
1 cape (long sleeve and waterproof. Bring in preference to gillet sp?)
2 pr cycling socks
1 pr short gloves
1 pr long gloves

Fixed to the bike
1 hamster honking horn
2 bidons
Forward and rear strobe light
Handlebar bag (Trek)
Zefal steel pump (DBL)

Handlebar bag
Shades in case
Map + plastic case
Camera - Olympus Digital mu720
(space for food)

Saddle bag
Thin cable bike lock with combination (6134)
1 pr tyre levers (michelin)
2 tubes
1 pr spare brake pads
1 spoke wrench
3 extra 9-spd chain links and pins
1 set allen key tools
1 sml phillips head screwdriver
pen-knife (small, with flat head screw and scissors)
couple of old rags
(most of the above can be grouped inside a heavy plastic bag)
Cape (already listed)

Civilian stuff
1 thermal singlet/short sleeve top, doubles as riding undergarment
1 comfy cotton shorts (civilian dress)
1 nylon shorts (for wash days)
2 T-shirts
1 lightweight long-sleeve jumper/fleece
1 beanie
1 pr sandles/shoes
3 undies (extra pair for travel)
3 hankies

Saddle cream (any moisturiser skin cream)
Glasses + case
Contacts + spares + solutions
Travel documents + Passport
Wallet + purse for coins
Charger for camera + Euro plug adaptor
Extra memory cards for camera
Razor + small mirror
Soap + toothpaste + toothbrush
1 crepe bandage
several large moist gauzes/bandages + band aides
small roll adhesive tape
pseudo-ephedrine + asprin + Vit C
vicks vapour rub (film canister)

Group stuff (for the full loop)
1 chain-breaker
1 15 mm spanner
1 small bottle chain lube
1 good quality HP pump (DBL)
1 good quality multi-tool with pliers (and possibly cable cutters)

General comments
In 2006 I didn't use arm or leg warmers at all. The alps will be colder. I will probably leave both behind. Just make sure your cape is a good one.

Make sure all your cabling, break pads and tyres are relatively new


  1. Mmm, you can probably burn the Vicks, and the nylon wash shorts... and change the combination on your lock to 1111 which might be lighter?

  2. Good thinking Kate. I'm sure there are a few other items which could be burnt as well, such as undies and T-shirts, which I'm sure I've overcatered. Consuming all the pseudo-ephedrine day 1 should also make things easier....when in Rome!