Monday, 28 November 2016

Operation Balcony

Before Operation Garage could be finished, let alone Operation Kitchen commenced, the more pressing issue of a balcony on its last jittery legs jumped to the top of the list.  It’s sagging mass was already being supported by telescopic poles I installed earlier in the year.  The weekend after returning from the US (August) I literally tore the old structure down, and then went about the job of procuring bits for its replacement.  Design would basically be the same, although with a few modifications; balustrade height in line with modern standards, and open deck edges to reduce kindling collection, which I figure is kind of important for a bushfire-prone location.  The deck panels are a recycled plastic-bamboo blend, as Bunnings couldn’t tell me which part of SE Asia the Merbau alternative actually came from.

The whole assembly process was a bit of a protracted process, with a few cycling-related things getting in the way, but the final touches were finally added on the weekend.

Big thanks to Ham for all his expertise with regards doing stuff with timber, and for his generous donation of tools, not to mention time.  Also thanks to all who pitched in for the critical “barn-raising” component of the project.  And thanks to Anita for her patience, not to mention all the hours of help with timber prep and staining, and keeping me plied in craft beer.  I suppose this means the kitchen has just moved up a notch (or two) on the list!


  1. It looks super Dave. You did a great job. Kitchen here we come........

  2. Well done Langles and Hamster - good job. And my car will get fixed, too.

  3. Nice one Dave and team, it looks bloody great. High bar for the kitchen redo to live up to :-)