Friday, 16 October 2015

More 24 soggyness

 Lizard showing signs of consuming too many gels...or ducklings


  1. Excellent pictures, showing the optimism at the start, the perseverance required through the night, and the relief at the end. Then basking in the glory on the way back with time to reflect. Also, you guys look so pro on the podium in your SBB kit; you'll be marked riders from now on.

  2. PS: And the Vegemite thing is interesting. I wonder if Pat Rafter ever tried that when he would start cramping in the fourth set? Imagine 'Aussie' Pat taking mouthfuls of Vegemite at centre court Wimbledon or Flushing Meadow - think of the product placement fees he could charge!

  3. Its actually a surprisingly palatable way to take in a bit of salt. As for the chest pains, saw a cardiologist earlier in the week (been meaning to do this for a while), did an ECG stress test etc, and he is convinced there is nothing wrong with the metronome in my chest, but that the pain is almost certainly gastric. Apparently quite common.