Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Soggies at the Mont

All round probably the best outing the Soggies have had at the Mont for several reasons;

Perhaps most importantly, no one came a cropper.  No major biffs, grazes, tears, pressure bandages or trips to the medical tent or hospital, even on a course littered with body parts and zombies.  No industrial action.  And everyone who desired one got a hot shower.

We celebrated Sara's birthday.  Giles, on top of cracking out 6 laps with his reappearing twin, whipped up a bonza cake that was something to behold.  Moira, on top of being all over the lap board, distributed stars and the best party packs ever.

Great course and weather.  19 km of fast track with multiple hucking opportunities.  Clear but cold night rounded out by a morning mega fog so thick bikes became spray-painted in matt-finish ACT talc.  This (the talc also) kept the sun at bay for most of the morning too.

And, as a consequence of some strategic team shuffling, we came away with a category win.  Granted, it was a foolish proclamation 3 hrs in that "we got this", because a lot can go wrong and often does, but we managed to keep a lid on it.  

Not to say there weren't a few nervous moments.  Ham had some night-time meanderings off piste.  Nicky finished a dawn lap almost blinded by goggle condensation.  Anita had to wrestle the old stick-in-the-wheel trick, but managed to extract it without breaking spokes, or the new 1*11 drivetrain she was rocking.  My worn-out fork (gouged stanchion and leaking oil) was offset by brand new wheels – the first MTB wheels I’ve built myself.  Hence, tempting fate at both extremes; employing clapped-out gear plus new stuff I hadn’t rumbled in practice etc.

Jeremy and Frazer look keen to swap the kids races for the real thing, perhaps inspired by Mikey posting some seriously fast splits (including our quickest collective lap).  Unfortunately for them, this being a reality is still some Monts away.  Apparently they fell asleep soon after departure, as did I, always a sign of an excellent weekend, although it did make for a challenging drive home.  Thanks all for making it so fun. Shame we have to wait another year for the next episode.

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