Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Newcastle Overnight

Let me take you down

Cause I’m cycling to, Newcastle baths

All through the night

Nothing to get hung about

Pedal a moonlight adventure

Night riding is easy as L-E-D

Revealing more enough to see

It’s sometimes spooky down the hills

But it all works out

Smooth rolling ecstasy

Beer that pizza down

Then meet you at, Observatory Hill

Feel the thrill

Big moon windy mild

Leave traffic and Sydney behind

Gliding down Brooklyn with velvet feel

Mt White requiring gears low

Watermelon, lamingtons

Washed down with cups of tea

Worst over now its not so bad

Let me take you down

Bateau Bay Budgewoi

Caffeine refill

Almost missed the corner

Then bridges by silvery water

Horizon soon glows, as Koels agree

Time space has flown like it's a dream

Fernleigh track a soundscape jewel

As the sun pops up

How wonderful to be

Sooth my weary bones, cause I’m finally home

Togs and coffee

And nothing to get hung about

Overnight riders together

Rolling has rarely been better

Newcastle Baths forever


  1. No mind-altering substances here folks- just 48 hours without sleep!

  2. Langles should go without sleep more often; who knows who or what he'll be channeling for his next blog update. A very enjoyable read of this great ride; well done to all.