Thursday, 11 September 2014

Escaping the wet

--> On Monday morning the radio news reported that only 3 of the last 27 days in Sydney have been rain free.  Sums up nicely why, on a bit of a whim (and with inspiration from an article provided by Kev  - along the lines of “get out and do stuff!”), the Mudge and I bailed for the ACT on Friday eve.  On Saturday, albeit with a chill in the air, we bashed our way round the Centenary trail.  Only got magpie’d twice, and sorted out the Arboretum fiddle.  Even managed to finish before dark this time (10 hrs 40 min hotel-hotel for the 150 km).  Vibrant yellows of acacias flowering en-masse replaced the autumnal oranges and reds of our sortie in April.  Seem to have aggravated some tendinitis of the elbow – the result of lifting two bikes over 28 gates (should make climbing in the desert interesting later this month), but otherwise was well worth another look.  On Sunday took in breakfast at the Arboretum before dabbling at Stromlo and the lake before heading home.  It never ceases to amaze just how good the ACT bike infrastructure is, both on and off road.  No wonder the ACT punches well above its weight in the cycle racing department.


  1. Nice one Dave, I don't recall the specific article though I agree with the sentiment completely. Judging by the dusty looking trails in Stromlo looks like ACT have had a dry winter.

  2. It was a story posted on The Radavist about bashing along gravel roads in big forests on cx bikes. Actually, Canberra looked surprisingly green - them trails are nearly always dusty though. I think you mentioned you had a "gravel" event coming up?

  3. ahhhh yes - the chap went and visited VIC with Fyxo!! Very good - my event is on the 28th - mostly road with some gravel climbs - 100 miles 3k meters, looking fwd to it!