Monday, 8 October 2012

Kowalski follow-through

In my reportage of the Kowalski it was remiss of me not to acknowledge a few things.  Firstly GK and Mikey also very much enjoyed the course.  GK in particular – and that never happens.  They rolled the loop together and had an incident free run (unlike Ben who accumulated 4 offs), although they seemed more focused on the finer features – the light through the trees, the scents and sounds of spring, the resident kangaroos, and basking bluetoungues. 

Secondly, or chronologically firstly, the Queanbeyan hotel we lodged in the night before provided the identical room to that shared by the same cohort two years ago for the inaugural “Capital Punishment” enduro, which also started at Kowen’s forest.  Once again, fitting 4 bodies, bikes and assorted paraphernalia into the one room was a challenge, although at least this time it didn’t rain at maximum amplitude for the entire night, which was of great relief.  Anita can be well pleased about her decision not to try sharing the room, but to arrive the following day (A woman’s got to know her limitations).  Pre-dawn preparations were punctuated by some interesting tunes on RAGE, on the flashy flat-screen TV – surely the only upgrade the room has had since our previous visit.  “Jizz-IMP” had us all in stitches, setting the scene for what proved to be a very enjoyable day for all.  Soggy bottoms indeed.  Thank you RAGE.

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  1. It's such a relief to no longer be invisible! I thought it was because of our lack of er ... focus, let's say, because we did trundle in some time later. Allow me to extoll the virtues of being liberated from the 'finishing time' blues - we made like honey badgers and did not give a @#$%. (This is a family blog, I gather.) And for moi? Well, the last time I was in an MTB race, I didn't finish in such good nick ... a great way to get back into it.