Monday, 24 September 2012

Heron Island Membrane Protein Workshop

....emphasis on Workshop, of course.

Seriously one of the best conferences i've ever been to, both in terms of location and quality of speakers, and have I mentioned the snorkeling?

Heron Island lies about 75 km off the coast of Gladstone, measures some 800 by 300 meters, although the "island" bit (max elevation 3 m above sea level) is in effect the crown of a reef many times its size.  At low tide the reef is exposed, whilst at high tide it is a few meters under. 

The island was settled back in the 1800s, initially for the purpose of harvesting turtles (these ran out fast), then as a whaling outpost, before being bought for tourism in the 1900s.  It boasts accommodation for some 300 people, and about 100 000 black noddys, and about 1/4 of the island is set aside as a scientific research station.  The emphasis is now very much on eco-tourism, with a strict "no-take" policy.  Well worth a visit even if you've no conference to lure you there.  I think i can say with confidence that i'll be back.

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