Monday, 18 October 2010

Stromlo all sorts

Some snaps to give you a feel for what 24hr racing is all about. This first image from the event photographer - long exposure of lights down the front of Mt Stromlo. Most shots courtesy on Ben and his fancy new camera.

Chilling in pit lane before the start

Cockpit of our pit neighbour
Ham and Mike before the chaos (below) of the team event start
Anita prepares my snacks whilst Matt makes custom adjustments to my spare wheels
View form the top of the mountain in the late afternoon
Felix providing tunes for returning riders

Jimmy models standard 24hr attire and sustenance
Craig at one of his longer pits having lights fitted, and revealing damage incurred during a spill on his second lap.
Making a pig of myself (again)

My pitcrew in action during the wee hours, and passing the time (below)

Rare moment of looking like I know what i'm doing on a switchback, and hanging on somewhere in the midst of Pork Belly (below)

Craig still looking strong early on his 19th lap
Are we there yet? Bliss in the Z position!

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