Monday, 27 September 2010

The tyre that kept on giving...

...has finally come to an end. I bought a Sepcialized "Armadillo" (wire bead) earlier in the year out of desperation in the absence of being able to find my favoured Conti Gatorskins at a shop in the blue mtns (approx $50). The side walls are so thick the guy at the shop recommended I only run at 90 psi. Lots of time (and no punctures) passed. When the thin red line started to show a few weeks back the lads cheekily suggested i'd get another 1000 out of them. Well, they were right, although it is now a fat red line and large sections of casing revealed themselves on the weekend. Still managed to get round 3 valleys on the last hurrah. > 7000 km old - a rear tyre record for me (I usually get ~4K out of the Gators). Hardly high performance, but perhaps the go if the powers that be decide to re-seal any more of the 3peaks or Bobbo circuits.

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