Monday, 7 June 2010

Baptism of Bog

Some more random images; a couple from dirtworks, followed by the Stromlo descent from Cap Punishment - see, not too much dirt at all!


  1. Looks like GK is having a fun day.

  2. Yes,I sent a pic of two to a friend in Canada, and she replied: "you look like the grimmest, or saddest, mountain biker ever. Oh, except in one you do look like the most exasperated mountain biker ever, as in, 'When the f*** is this going to end, already?'(I won't write profanities on Dave's blog as it is for family viewing.) As for the latter statement, I do believe I uttered words to that effet, and as for the former, I know I wasn't alone in looking somewhat focused, you could say. One day, BT, we'll get you into it.

  3. Dave, great shot of you on the plank bridge, noice race face, just the right amount of intensity yet not screwed up in pain. Eye of the tiger!