Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Cosmic County

A dust storm on Saturday gave the western slopes a grey tinge, although this blew through by mid Sunday. Tony and Cathy kindly put us up at Mt Vic O/N.

Tony and Anita leading in stereo on the Scary Monster block

Tony on "The 80 minute Hour" (18)

Had a good day at the County, ticking close to 100 points (13, 21, 18, 21, 21), with highlights for me being still able to climb the mighty Barbarossa (21, which now finishes at rings ~40 m to the deck) and discovery of the newly re-bolted Colditz (21 - all fixed hangers with rap station at the end ~25 m to the deck). Perhaps further action by the bolting fairies will return the crag to its former glory, although it still requires a 45 min trudge in and out.

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